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Wednesday Comics 3 in 1: Doctor Strange #23 (2017)

Three neat cursed (but powerful) items from one issue of Dr. Strange!

These all turned out rather apocalyptic in their power levels! Might be better for adversaries to use, or as reasons why empires fell, PCs using them will likely have a bad time. Have at it!

The Carnyx War Horn allows you to control the weather while exposing yourself to being struck by lightning.

Stats:Hold high in the air and blow to activate. Functions the same as Cleric spell "Weather Control" at the 36-37 level which allows the user to create storms, hurricanes and target lightning bolts (10d6 damage). Every round the user wants to alter the effect they must blow the horn which requires a stamina check at a -2 penalty if performed two or more turns in a row. If the stamina check is failed, the weather continues on as it was previously ordered and the user cannot target lightning. Additionally, each round (starting at DC 10) the user of the horn must make a will save or be struck by lightning. Each roun…

Palace of the Vampire Queen - Pacesetter Games

*There's an IPP script for generating empty room descriptions at the bottom of the page*
I received a copy of this in trade a while back and found out after the fact that it was (a reproduction of) the first commercially published dungeon in 1975.

The original module was billed as a "kit" in that it was simply a map with accompanying tables describing what was in each room.  Lots of empty featureless rooms, lots of secret doors with no discernible clues to their location, and lots of "save or die" type traps and monsters.  Old school by definition.

This reprint also contains alternate room descriptions and monsters designed to flesh out the original dungeon.  I originally expected these to fill in the empty rooms, but they actually replace the old dungeon with new encounters that are more thematically linked.  Unfortunately, there are just as many empty rooms, and for every interesting encounter included in the new version something interesting has been left o…

Wednesday Comics: Seven to Eternity #8

I support my local comic shop, but I don't always have my shit together enough to get out there every Wednesday to pick up my stuff.  What I'm going to try to do every other Wednesday is take something from comics (old or new) and discuss how it could be fit into an RPG.  If I'm feeling really wild I might stat up the mechanics for DCC.

Case in point:  Dragan's sword

It's not a sword that lets you see the future.  It's not a sword that tells you the safest course of action. . . it strictly illuminates which choice in front of you has the greatest opportunity to make you money.  The giant glowing eye opens when pointed at the best choice, and closes when pointed at all others.

I read enough OSR blogs to know I'm not the only one who dislikes generic +1 weapons, but for the newly initiated, this is a great example of how an interesting item is more fun than something that just does more damage.


Looks like a short sword: Damage =1d6?  Maybe it could do …

War World: Athasian trimmings for your DCC game.

This is going to be the first post in (hopefully) a long series where I work out what are the essential pieces needed to create a "Dark Sun-like" campaign using the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG as a base.  I don't have the patience to deal with all of the "is it in the OGL or isn't it?" nonsense so this is going to be a "serial numbers shaved off" kind of endeavor where I will try to avoid all but the most generic naming conventions from the original Dark Sun line.  That being said, what should be on my to-do list?  What is essential to be included in order to get the correct flavor for this classic campaign world?

Here's what I'm working on so far:

Deciding whether stats going to 20 are necessary (I think they might be, just because of half-giant PCs)Races! Tweaking Elves, Halflings and Dwarves to fit the Dark Sun vibe.   Creating Thri-Kreen, Mul and Half-Giant class options.Magic! Making the balance between defiling and preserving something…

Rambling post more for my own organization than anything else.

I'm writing a blog? 

This is going to be a blog about my leisure activities, specifically the games I play (board more than video at this stage in my life), the books I read, and things pertaining to RPGs I am either running or playing in.  The RPG part of my life has flourished recently.  I play in a weekly Pathfinder campaign, and have another in Savage Rifts warming up.  I also get to judge two concurrent campaigns using Dungeon Crawl Classics, an RPG that I have fallen deeply in love with.  As such my rpg posts are probably going to be heavy on the DCC/OSR side of things since that's what I'm into right now. 

The more I consider what I actually want to write about, the more I think I'm going to make this an RPG-centric blog, with all the other aspects being mentioned as they relate to my thought process, and what I'm actually putting into my campaigns.  I paid the 12 bucks for the domain, just to see if that could be enough of a psychological hook to keep me in…