Rambling post more for my own organization than anything else.

I'm writing a blog? 

This is going to be a blog about my leisure activities, specifically the games I play (board more than video at this stage in my life), the books I read, and things pertaining to RPGs I am either running or playing in.  The RPG part of my life has flourished recently.  I play in a weekly Pathfinder campaign, and have another in Savage Rifts warming up.  I also get to judge two concurrent campaigns using Dungeon Crawl Classics, an RPG that I have fallen deeply in love with.  As such my rpg posts are probably going to be heavy on the DCC/OSR side of things since that's what I'm into right now. 

The more I consider what I actually want to write about, the more I think I'm going to make this an RPG-centric blog, with all the other aspects being mentioned as they relate to my thought process, and what I'm actually putting into my campaigns.  I paid the 12 bucks for the domain, just to see if that could be enough of a psychological hook to keep me in this thing until I achieve some kind of satisfaction with my output.  Wish me luck.


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