Wednesday Comics: Seven to Eternity #8

I support my local comic shop, but I don't always have my shit together enough to get out there every Wednesday to pick up my stuff.  What I'm going to try to do every other Wednesday is take something from comics (old or new) and discuss how it could be fit into an RPG.  If I'm feeling really wild I might stat up the mechanics for DCC.

Case in point:  Dragan's sword

It's not a sword that lets you see the future.  It's not a sword that tells you the safest course of action. . . it strictly illuminates which choice in front of you has the greatest opportunity to make you money.  The giant glowing eye opens when pointed at the best choice, and closes when pointed at all others.

I read enough OSR blogs to know I'm not the only one who dislikes generic +1 weapons, but for the newly initiated, this is a great example of how an interesting item is more fun than something that just does more damage.


Looks like a short sword: Damage =1d6?  Maybe it could do a D7 just for fun.  Probably counts as magic for hitting certain monsters.
3x per day, the sword can be activated when a decision faces the player.  The sword will determine the most profitable course of action and it will hold its "gaze" in the direction related to that choice.  The decision must be relatable spatially (you have to be able to point at your choices).  This prediction has 85% accuracy.

Next issue, the eye of the sword might shoot lasers or something and blow my whole write-up out of the water, but for now, I think this is a neat "not +1" sword that could lead to some interesting plot hooks.


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