Wednesday Comics - Curse Words #7 (2017)

If you haven't read any of Charles Soule's Curse Words I highly recommend it.  The main character is a wizard. . . named Wizord.  He was sent to destroy the earth by other evil wizards but decided to stay and protect it instead.  His beard grows depending on how powerful he is.  It's full of lots of enjoyable technicolor weirdness.

I love DCC's spell dueling rules, and I immediately thought of them when I read this page.  What if spell dueling was a sport?  Momentum instead of gaining advantage strictly in the duel could also about gaining ground in some kind of sports field.  Maybe "bases" maybe not. . . .

Taking the baseball idea even further, the "pitcher" could both cast spells on the "batter" or any "runners" on the bases.  The batter could counter as normal.  In this case, phlogiston disturbance would be the equivalent of a foul ball I guess?

I don't think there's anything that would need changing mechanically to incorporate this into your game.  Perhaps the only thing would be to stretch the rules a little bit to allow multiple casters to take turns in the same spell duel.

I will try this with my players and update again with the result.


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